Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Updates & Flex Frames

Wow who knew my life would become so busy that I wouldn't have time to blog, and I love to Blog but thus is the life for a small business owner. A million things to do and never enough time. I think I've hardly even had the time to enjoy knitting!

Some things I would love to get off the ground but might not happen till next year are being a part of Spinzilla, Tour de Fleece and doing some summer kids classes during the day. We will get there and it will be just fine.  The hard part about a small business is knowing when to say enough and be content with what you've got.

Part of what I love with the shop is keeping up with trends that I think more adventurous knitters and crocheters are into such as the bright colors and new ways to integrate yarn into their lives.

One of my new found things is using Flex Frames! I've been ogling Wool and the Gang and all their clever clutches and I wondered if I might find a distributer locally for the frames to make our own clutches in store. Lo and behold I found someone!

So we have in stock 3.5", 9" and 10" frames ready to use.  I feel like the best use for the larger frames are with T-shirt Yarn and the smaller ones are perfect to use your gauge swatches to make unique coin purses as presents or gift card holders.

For this coin purse I picked a swatch I had been meaning to try and it casted on about 20 stitches in sport weight with size 3 needles.

I measured out the fold over in stockinette so that I would have enough to tightly cover the flex frame piece. Then I seamed together the sides with blanket stitch and began to attach the pouch part to the frame inside out.

After it was all stitched together it was a simple to slide it and turn it inside out.

Easy Peazy!
The best part is if you already have gauge swatches you can just pick up enough stitches for the fold over and attach your frame in the same way. These mini 3.5" frames are only $2.50 each so it's a very cost effective present for anyone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So close to open....

Hello everyone!
It has been so incredibly hectic the past few months in life and business that I have had no time to do one of my most loved things which is blogging and sharing my adventures.

Yarn it & Haberdashery, ltd has been soft open now for a little over a week!
There are still some minor store things to work on such as door mats, some painting and placing of products and the massive amount of inventory that needs to be inputed and sticker'd before the Grand opening on June 22nd!

We had a Lovely Article written up about us on Columbus Underground.

My friend Jen took this picture of me among the new stock of Manos Del Uruguay. I mean when else would I ever get the opportunity to take a Scrooge McDuck dive into yarn? Let me tell you it was excellent, everything you think it is. 

Here Are a few photos taken by my friend Laura owner at Rivet - Designer Toy & Art Gallery. Laura came over with a few other friends to help me out late for two nights to get this in order for our soft opening and also get my window display up.

 Sample Knitting has also been in full swing trying to show everyone what these exciting new yarns in the store can do!

Great Companies that I am happy to bring to Columbus and Ohio Include:
Ewe Ewe
Be Sweet
Knit Collage
Erika Knight
- Loopy Mango
- Frabjous Fibers
- Ozark Handspun

Then a larger selection of
- Shi Bui
- The Fibre Company
- Manos del Uruguay

I'll also be stocking
- Madelinetosh
- Ella Rae
- Noro
- Berroco
- Kenzie
- CoBaSi
- Simplicity
- Rylie
- Brown Sheep

For Needles, hooks and Notions and hand care I've got
- Knitpicks
- Addi
- Clover
- Tastefully Dirty
- Milk + Honey

Soon I'll also be stocking from some great local artists
- Yarn Bowls
- Drop spindles
- Jewelry and select gifts

And now BACK TO WORK!  There is still a lot to do before the Grand Opening.
I also want to regal you with the tales of my Korea whole sale experience and how I hope to bring some new things that no one else will have straight from Asia!

MC Shorty