Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UFO Club

Come be a part of our monthly community gathering to get your butt inspired to finish those Unfinished Projects while making a fun game out of it. We will have an afternoon meeting from 2-3 pm and the evening meeting from 6-7 pm.
The premise is simple, you pick 1 UFO (UnFinished Object) per month. We have about 4 months to each set that we are doing. The first session will be January, February, March, April.  Second session will be May, June, July, August. Third Session will be September, October, November and we skip December for the Holidays. 
Assign each project a number 1-4. At the beginning of each month we will announce what # we are working on. Pull that UFO and get it done! 
The incentives are these: Come in the Last Thursday of the month for our UFO meeting from 2-3pm or 6-7pm to share your project and the chance to win the pot. At the meeting you will get your punch card for the finished month and put $1 into the pot for a chance to win the entire pot. You only get your punch card and the chance for the pot by being present but we encourage you to participate also on Facebook and Ravelry. The big bonus for completing the UFO club is if you get all 3-4 projects finished you get a 30% off one total purchase in addition to anything else you won during the club. Pretty Great huh? Bring your friends, bring your enemies because the more people the more the pot is worth and the better your chances are at winning.
Bring all of your 5 UFO’s to share and discuss for the first meeting of each Session before you jump on board and see what is keeping other people stuck in a rut as well. Got a question? Let the jury of your peers decide if that is an appropriate UFO or not to mark as one project.
UFO ideas, so you don’t stress yourself out:
  • Finish the other sock in that pair (so a finished pair is considered one project)
  • 12” of more of that pesky Scarf your co-work er asked you make them
  • Forget the entire sweater! We just want to make sure you get the front, back, or sleeves done because that alone is a task, not to mention seaming (if there is any) So we count each large piece of the sweater as one UFO so you don’t stress yourself out.
*UPDATE* In an effort to keep things fair for all members we have laid out some new ground rules to clear up some confusion.

1. Do not talk about UFO club. Oh, wait. Wrong club....... ;)
2. Please choose either the afternoon OR the evening session and attend only that session throughout the quarter. 
3. Projects will be chosen individually, but the group has the power to veto projects.
4. In the interest of parity, spinning projects will no longer be accepted.
5. There will be no changing of projects or order of projects once your card has been laminated.
6. If your card is lost we, unfortunately, can not replace it. This would not be fair to the other participants. Please keep it in a safe place -- a wallet or purse works well!
7. Club leaders will collect your $1 ante to the pot at the meeting preceding the meeting said pot will be drawn at. If you do not make it to the meeting designated for that pot, your dollar will be forfeit.
8. If you are unable to attend a meeting, photographic evidence of completed UFOs may be accepted, but will be left to the discretion of the group.
9. The discount earned for a finished card is meant for the participant only and may not be shared or transferred.

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  1. great to see so much happening! hope to get caught up and come visit soon! best wishes and keep on truckin'!!!